About Christah


I think it’s funny that as my adult years have progressed, I’ve earned the nickname of “Hippy-gypsey,” and yet I was raised as a German descendent in a primary french influenced region in a swamp in Southern Louisiana.

I grew up in Georgia, Tennessee and finally Louisiana where you could find me barefoot in the fields chasing butterflies, baking cookies in a solar oven and riding my horses bareback.

For the woman I am today, I have to give credit to the leader of my pack- my grandmother Beryl, who changed her name to Roberly because she did what she wants.

My grandmother was a naturopath doctor, artist and photographer and it’s from her and my mom that I attribute my hippie nature and wanderlust lifestyle. She gave me my first camera when I started shooting film as a teenager.

Because of my start in film photography, I learned to love black and white photographs. Still to this day I believe strongly some images only speak to me when all the color is taken away and are brought to their simplest state.

Once I graduated high school, I didn’t immediately decide to be a professional photographer, instead I went to college to study emergency medicine and became a paramedic. I also tried my hand at chicken farming for a while!

After starting a family, and then adopting a third child, I decided to quit my job as a paramedic and focused on raising and homeschooling my children; all the while photographing the world around me as my hobby.

I photographed my first wedding in 2002 in a hair salon. Yes, two stylists met, fell in love and decided to tie the knot in the cute salon they owned.

I truly love shooting weddings. I love the emotion, the beautiful details, and being able to capture the significance of the day.

I wish I could say my grandmother Roberly was still here to see her passion for photography continue on but she passed two years ago after a three week trip through Greece we took together.

I am proud to carry on my hippy ways and photograph people’s love stories in honor of her.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Christah Carmel